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De Buyer Tritan Creative Nozzle Set With Holder - 6 Piece Set

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Pastry nozzles made of Tritan from de Buyer in a transparent black colour is a solid one-piece construction. Ideal set for filling moulds, vegetables or hollow cakes, garnishing - as well as making cream patterns, choux pastries, meringues with both hot and cold preparations. These one-piece nozzles with their perfectly smooth cone give you the guranteed hygiene you know you need. The reinforced teeth on the fancy nozzles make for high accuracy work. 

Features : 

  • Set of 6 nozzles
  • 2 Petit Four Star nozzles (10 & 14mm)
  • 1 Leaf nozzle (F2)
  • 1 Ribbon nozzle
  • 1 Bird Nest nozzle
  • 1 Saint Honoure (9mm)
  • Dishwasher friendly 
  • Transparent black colour
  • Fits with LE TUBE de Buyer
  • Holder made in TPE with a hole to hang
  • Easy to clip, unclip, clean, dry and store
  • Container only microwave safe