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De Buyer Le Tube Pressure Pastry Syringe Set (Biscuit Kit Included)

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Good to know about this product

The De Buyer Le Tube Pressure Pastry Syringe is a versatile kitchen tool designed for precise and effortless pastry and dessert decoration. This high-quality, durable syringe features a sleek acrylic body and a convenient lever-operated plunger, allowing for consistent and controlled dispensing of fillings, creams, and sauces. Its various nozzles and adjustable pressure system make it an essential gadget for culinary enthusiasts and professional bakers alike.

Features : 

  • Made in France
  • Supplied with special shortbread biscuits kit
  • Simple to use: dispenses a certain amount of preparation by exerting the neck
  • Has a knob with graduations (cl and oz) to accurately regulate the amount dispensed
  • Flexible syringe system: adapts to the amount of preparation in the container, stops the flow between two pressures
  • Lids with "1/4 turn" locking: quick and easy assembly
  • Includes: Pressure piston, 2 Plain nozzles (U8 & D8) and 8 language manual