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Emile Henry 2 Creme Brulees Ramekin Set Clay 13cm dia.

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Original price £16.95
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Emile Henry 2 Creme Brulees Ramekin Set Clay

Diameter 13cm | H 3.5cm | 0.15L

Our colourful creme brulee dishes have a perfectly flat surface and a diameter of 12cm, ideal for caramelising sugar with a blowtorch or hot iron. Whether its a goats cheese creme brulee with honey or a tomato and mozarella crumble as starter, or a traditional creme brulee as dessert, you will get a perfect result every time. They are shallow for even heat distribution, and perfectly stackable for gaining space in the fridge. All Emile Henry products are made in France and offer a ten year guarantee. A wide range of ovenware made from HR Ceramic (High Resistance), for use in the oven up to 270C (520F).